Saturday, September 11, 2010

What did you do Saturday morning?

Well, we went on an airplane ride.

Now, when I say 'airplane', I don't mean you garden variety airplane. This was a T designed airplane...made out of foam hopscotch squares...laid out on the floor in a not exactly airplane shaped pattern. But in her mind, it was a plane. She gets an A for creativity.

T pleaded and whined until S went and played airplane with her. "Please Daddy, please!" was a reverberating chant until he conceded. The airplane was placed strategically on 'Daddy's floor' (the new hardwood floor he recently completed), in direct view of the TV. Daddy just couldn't not watch Holmes on Homes.

It wasn't long that Mommy's presence was requested. I asked if R could join us too. T paused to think. At first said no but then she said an enthusiastic "YES!".

There the four of us sat, riding on the 'airplane', in our pyjamas.

Ms. Phenix decided against joining us but she watched, just a little bit intrigued, from a far. After she had had her fill of amusement for the day, she retreated to her basket in our bedroom.

Eventually, the pilot (S) took a leave of absence to the couch, taking R with him for a few minutes.

T and I played plane for a few minutes until Mommy needed coffee #2. I asked T to go get her 'friends' (her friends consist of every last stuffed creature who lives on her bed) as the pilot (me) had to go get another coffee.

T was all too willing to me my coffee from the microwave (nope not a good idea T) but then she found a new venue for her energy. She needed to get dressed because S mentioned he might be going over to a friend's house this afternoon and T could go with him.

Within seconds she was off to her room to get dressed. If only that worked as well to get her breakfast into her.

Some days, even going to the mailbox is an adventure for my kid!

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