Saturday, July 25, 2009

Some photos and video

My apologies for the lack of updated photos and videos of late..T has taken to squinting her eyes whenever Mom gets close with the if the photos are still too big to see, click on them and they will open in a new window at full size.


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Friday, July 24, 2009

A Gryffin of another variety...

So we were having a relaxing morning of TV watching, when on came the Wonder Pets (read Mommy was checking her email and T was being kept busy with kids programming). Its a nice change for Caillou 24/7.

For those not in the know, the Wonder Pets are a trio consisting of a guinea pig (Linny), Ming Ming (a duck) and Tuck, a turtle. The Pets live in a daycare and all is quiet until the kids go home. They work together to save baby animals in trouble, who issue calls for help via a can/string phone. Yeah, really up to date technology. It kinda reminds me of that live action show that I watched as a kid that had a mouse named Matty and a guinea pig named GP.

If you set aside the talking pets, you often wonder how they discern the type of animal sending out the distress call....creatures like rabbits, who don't generally have a discernible 'voice' have one and Linny, the brave leader of the pets knows each animal's sound. I wonder what she could do about world peace?

Anyways, we were watching the Pets (T calls them Wunder Pits. Its even funnier when she says it with her fingers curled under her arm pits (like she's imitating a monkey), don't ask me why she does this. Suddenly, a distress call came in from a baby Griffin. Not our Gryffin, but the 'real' deal, like in medieval stories and on buildings. Complete with wings, fur and a beak.

Poor T, she couldn't understand why the baby Griffin didn't look like our Gryffin. She's getting better at understanding abstract things but she can't quite get how two things could have the same name but be different.

On another track, we were out at the Nature Centre earlier in the week where we ran into the same problem. Granny S struck up a conversation with another group on the same walking path as us. The grandmother in that group was from Montreal. Also in that same group were two young sisters, Sophia (the older sister) and Talia (the younger sister, just slightly older than T). In our group was a Sophie and a Talia.

Now Sophie/Sophia is a popular name these days and we've run into quite a few of each but never a Talia. Talk about a coincidence!