Saturday, December 31, 2011

The tale of two strollers....

So one of the gifts we discovered T desperately wanted was a doll stroller. It was a only slight interest expressed until she got a doll for the preschool gift exchange 10 days before Christmas. Then it intensified.

What do you want for Christmas, T? A stroller for my dolly and Bart.

When her maternal grandparents arrived and asked what else she might like for Christmas, a stroller was at the top of her list. The local mega mart had a *pink* one for like $12. Perfect. It got bought without T even noticing it. Excellent.

Nan wrapped it and T unwrapped it Christmas morning. Fantastic, a happy kid.

All was well under the two other little eyes spied said stroller. R thought it was magnificent. He could walk around and push the stroller, until his sister screamed at him that it was hers!

R is still a little shy on his feet. Mainly because he is very very cautious and seems to be afraid of hurting himself. The stroller gives him some practice time on his feet and acts a balance aid.

He does have a push toy that does the same thing but it is big and bulky and doesn’t allow for the more precise navigation of the umbrella stroller allows. My child likes to cut the curves rather close.

So off to the only option for finding a blue stroller, With a few clicks, we had an backup Blue (R’s lovey) and a blue stroller shipped our way.

Peace has returned. R has a blue stroller and T, a pink one.


The smile says it all!


Let the stroller races begin!


A boy and his favourite ride!

The Santa Phone

Like most parents, S and I spent the better part of the lead up to Christmas reminding T that she’d better behave or Santa wouldn’t bring her any gifts. She’s at the right age to understand Santa and what he does every year.

Being T, she asked how Santa would know if she was good or bad. I told her Mommies have a special phone that is a direct line to Santa to report any bad behaviour. That seemed to satisfy her.

That was until Christmas had come and gone. Post gift giving, she had a few moments when she wasn’t on her best behaviour. I told her if she didn't shape up, I would send her gifts back to Santa.

Of course, she asked how I would do that.

I told her I’d use my special phone to contact Santa, get a return mailing label and send it back to the North Pole (just like!). Okay that answered that, right? Not so much.

She then turned to my mom who was sitting next to her and asked Nan where she kept her phone. My mom looked at me rather perplexed, not sure what to say as she’d missed the previous discussion about gifts being returned.

I explained that T was referring to the Santa phone that mommies have to contact Santa. Again, T asked where Nan keeps her Santa. Nan, rather smartly, told T she couldn’t divulge its location. That answered that right? Not so much.

T then asked me again where I kept my phone. I told her my underwear drawer.

Where’s your underwear draw? She asked again.

I told her in my dresser but now that I had told her where it was I would have to move it.

And with that, that was effectively the end of that.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Stockings 2011 Pt. 1

Stockings 2011 Pt. 2

T and the Christmas tree 2011

R and his new cars

I knew it...

...It's my stroller!

How high can I lift my leg?!

Pink is a boy colour too...R liked T's stroller so much, several fights have ensued so we have a blue stroller on arrives Thursday!

The lead upto Christmas in pictures!

T and her buds

The Bakers Two

Gryffin's ready for T to go back to school!

R is looking forward to 2012

GG and R

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dear Santa, I'm just not that into you!

So S had his Christmas party a few weeks ago. As usual they had photos with Santa set up. Its free so we generally get a picture.

Last year, it featured T with a strained smile, eagerly grasping her gift that 'Santa' had given her. Each kid in attendance gets a gift based on age.
BTW, T loves Santa. She always hello to the statuette we have on the front porch. She's also quite into Christmas movies of late. She even watch Disney's live action Scrooge, despite it being a little scary but not as bad as the b/w version.

Back to this year's Santa picture. We don't force our kids to go see Santa and we might have to rethink things next year after this year's stellar performance.

Normally, R is a very gregarious little man with a slow smile. He's not one to make majorly strange, at least as of now he doesn't. But apparently a fat guy in a red suit with a big beard changes all that.

Here's the photographic proof (sorry its a photo of a photo so not super great quality). And for the record, I love R's shirt but black is so not his colour. My little bad boy!