Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tackling the world, one Lady Pop at a time

Firstly, may I just say, I don't think T has inherited her mother's directionally challenged-ness. Believe me, that's a good thing.

Sadly, she has something potentially much worse. She knows where we are going based on what kind of rewards she gets.

I have always thought from the time T was a baby in the bucket seat, completely unable to see too far or identify landmarks, that she knew when we were on our way home. Whenever we'd stop at the last set of stoplights near our home, she would fall asleep, wake up, start to fuss or a combination of all three.

Lately, I've had what feels like a ton of doctor visits, chiropractor visits, classes for T or just plain old errands to run in preparation for the new addition (8 weeks and counting). Often at doctor's offices they have treats if you are among the junior set and you behave. I don't remember this when I was a kid.

Yesterday, it was a chance to get stickers at the OB's office. I swear if I hadn't watched her she would have taken a dozen stickers instead of just two.

When we got home, she gave the stickers temporarily to the baby...meaning Mommy got to wear them on her t-shirt so the baby got to 'share' them. They were later removed when she decided she wanted them back.

Fast track to today as it was no exception when it came to errands as I had a chiropractor appointment on the other side of town. When I advised T of this, she instantly started rambling on about how if she was a big girl and behaved, she would get a LadyPop.

She discussed with herself for a good 5 minutes about what kind of colour she would get. Mommy got to choose today so she got a red one (cherry) instead of a pink one (watermelon). That being said, when I told her what the plan was for today, she did say she wanted a brown one last night (which is coconut I think?) How fickle the toddler mind is!

For those uninitiated in T speak a Lady Pop is a lollipop. We have corrected her hundreds of times, but its still a LadyPop. My little individualist. While its a little irritating and very confusing to the unbaptized, its kinda nice to see that she is willing to be a little different than the norm. That's never a bad trait.

Later on this morning as our errands continued post Lady Pop, we had to go to Walmart.
On the way, we had to past the car wash.

T knows this place you see because if she's good and Daddy gets the Works package (meaning the car wash and the inside vacuumed out), she gets to wait in the waiting room and if there is an attendant there, she gets a Lady Pop.

The sheer joy that crosses her face is priceless. We were at a consignment sale not too long ago and when we went to pay, there was a big bouquet of lollipops.

Her eyes were as wide as saucers and pointed at them while looking at me for approval. I told her she had to wait until we were done checking out. The cashier had a good chuckle too, mentioning how excited she looked at the meer sight of the lollipop bouquet.

Truth be told, she was so well behaved that afternoon, she probably deserved about half a dozen but she got one. Her eyes were just a twinkling! She got a Lady Pop, she talked about it the whole way home in the car. She did inherit my gift of hating silence...I think this is divine mother is shaking her head, YES!

On a more educational note, she also tells me how to get to S's house, although they recently moved so she will have to get readjusted to the new location. She tells me when we are on the way to 'school' or when we pass the church where she had Kindermuzik class (also the place where she will go to preschool in the fall).

She knows the Blue Store (Lowes), the Orange Store (Home Depot) and the Purple Store (Babies R Us). Of course any store whose name has a capital letter that she recognizes is an instant hit.

Today it was Babies R Us, so we had a discussion on how there was a B for Bart. She was a little disappointed that there wasn't a T.

My kid knows her colours and how to shop but that's for another entry. Let's just say, its awesome!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The 3rd birthday that was...

It was someone's third birthday so of course, we had to have a birthday party. And of course, we thought it would be fun to have it at a local park. And of course, the day we chose was lovely, cool and very very windy. Like 30 MPH wind, windy.

Oh well fun was had by all at the Abby Caddabby (she's from Sesame Street) themed party. We had chocolate gluten free cupcakes with vanilla butter cream was strangely quiet for a few minutes while everyone downed their cupcakes.

The birthday girl!

T will eventually understand that only one person counts when you play hide and go seek.

S desperately tried to make Abby fly...even if it was just a napkin.


Golden silence!

A new Dora book!

The Wiggles!

Dora stickers

A new little friend!

It was so windy we had to open the presents in the back of the truck!

Practicing playing with our new T-ball set!