Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pictures from March and April '09

A few photos from the last couple of months...

I just want to get outside, forget the camera for once!

We tried going in the sled, but our little Kansan couldn't handle the blowing snow so she hide on the porch...shameful.

Mom is hoping the purple leggings last another season, something tells her they will as they are on their smallest size but still 2 inches too long! Ah, note to Mommy, I need some socks...

Daddy tried to convince T to come out and play in the snow but she wasn't was the porch or the garage, truly shameful for a Canuck.

Daddy gets T dressed while Mommy documents..T must be prepared for the 'Blizzard of '09!

This is from this morning, T munches on her second half of her breakfast, she appears to have a wooden leg to fill up with food these days!

You like my yard sale tutu?

Checking out the prairie dogs at the zoo with the always handy snack cup.

A quiet moment watching Calliou, our latest TV sensation!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Move over Elizabeth Claibourne, there's a new fashionista in town!

I read not too long ago that as your child ages, they will start to want to determine what they will wear clotheswise each day. Well, it has happened.

Recently, T has decided that she wants to pick out her shirts. I usually still get veto power over the bottom part.

Take this morning for instance. When T got up, I changed her as usual but when I went to put on her pjs back on, she advised me she wanted to get dressed. Fair enough.

I went and picked out a couple of pairs of pants and figured we'd go with long sleeves for the top seeing as a cold front has taken root here. I was greeted with a prompt and very terse, 'No.'

Okay, how about this shirt? I offered another long sleeve option. Again, 'No.'

T then began to pull every shirt out of her shirt draw. This is why I don't spend too much time neatly folding her shirts because I would spend most of the morning refolding everything after we have a morning like today.

My mother is cringing while she is reading this, I just know it. I'm hoping it a phase so we can go back to just one selection that will be neatly extricated from the drawer so the shirts can stay folded, don't worry.

After going thru about 20 options, she decided on a floral pink onesie with brown pants. I would have gone with the black Toulouse rugby shirt and jeans, a little French flare with the comfort of jeans.

I fear we have a little fashionista on our hands...I used to watch Fashion File (or what S and his university roommate called Boob TV - most runway models go bra-less) but I never thought it would translate to my kid several years later. God help us when she's older...all the money I've been saving going to consignment sales will be spent when she hits the teenage years I fear, we will be spending money hand over fist.

In other mommy news, my moms group is having a yard sale to raise money this weekend.

Aside from contributing many well loved used items, I will be contributing Suz's amazing cookie recipe with white chocolate and butterscotch chips (those who attended our wedding know these cookies in the chocolate chip form) and my Gram's fudge (yes, the Christmas fudge) to the bake sale portion. I am also donating about 9 framed pictures that I took last year. To see the photo, click here .