Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tiring T out, one Nana at a time

If there is one thing I've learned about T, you have to keep her busy.

Having the grandparents visit after R's arrival was a very good idea. T thoroughly enjoyed having someone devouted to her since R was keeping Mommy busy.

I had attempted to find crafts and activities that T could do with her Nanas. Her Poppas kept busy either helping Nanas, fulfilling their golf supply needs and fixing household projects that needed to be done.

When Nana K arrived, T got to play outside at the play park, play in the water pool, and do crafts. I'm not sure which she enjoyed more.

T's day with Nana K usually started going to the play park up the street. Everybody got dressed, put on sunscreen and ran off to the park.

After lunch, T tried her hands at various activities which included making foam popsicle stick puppets. A friend had mentioned during one of our Moms Night Out, that she often occupied her daughter with foam crafts that were sent home to the grandparents.

What a stroke of luck! Each Nana went home with a foam picture frame for their fridges too! She and I had worked on those before R arrived...the weekend before I believe!

Now for the record, they did have googly eyes but as difficult as they were to put on, they fell off very easily...I'm going to have to go on eyeball duty to see about finding any castoffs before R starts crawling. I know I plucked many off of T's dirty clothes after they were washed. They liked to stick to everything but the foam puppets!

When Nana J arrived, we had to find other stuff to do. Nana J brought some 3D foam crafts with her. That took up 2 days...they now adjorned T's walls.

They also worked on T's crazy hat for Kids Day Out.


When we arrived at KDO for the crazy hat day, there was at least one other little girl who had the same pink hat...apparently I'm not the only one who spied the good deal at the local mega craft store's sale on foam supplies!

And they worked on R's letters for his room. Painting with a 3 yr old was interesting! T was very excited that R was going to have letters like she does in his room. Each kid has their name up on their wall. We used Fire Engine red, Apple green and School Bus yellow for R's letters.

T picked them out, even without knowing the names!


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