Sunday, October 7, 2007

Happy Turkey Day from Kansas!

Happy Turkey Day everyone! We really haven't celebrated Turkey Day yet but maybe we will tomorrow (Monday). Its hard to be in the turkey and stuffing mood when its like 30C outside! Mom and Dad are busy trying to get their to-do lists done now that I am a little more portable.

In terms of my overall development, I have now progressed into rolling both directions (back to tummy and tummy to back), creeping backwards, doing 360 turns on my tummy, and sitting up a LOT more unassisted. Today I got my first taste of whole grain rice (yuck-OH!), give my formula, please! No teeth yet but I am knawing on anything I can find and I LOVE to grab at people's faces and hair. I might just be an beautician when I'm big.

Its been a busy couple of weeks! In addition to my development strives, I got to meet my aunt from Whitehorse and I have been checking out larger car seats as my current "baby" carrier seat is getting a might too small. Because of my new found rolling skills, I have ended up sleeping a lot more on my tummy but when I wake up there, I start a screaming for help! I am still sleeping fairly decently at night and taking short naps during the day.

I attended my first birthday party yesterday for my little Canadian friend, Sophie, who turned two recently. There were so many other little people and a new little baby, named Rebecca. Mom kept saying that she couldn't believe that I was once smaller than Rebecca who is about 8lbs already! Rebecca spent most of the party sleeping quietly. Everyone else enjoyed doing the Dora the Explorer and Diego themed crafts and cake that Ms. Stephanie did up for the event. Sophie is a huge Diego fan! So far, I'm not too enthralled with Diego or Dora but I have developed an affinity for Dr. Who (I blame Dad for this)!

Everyone got little Diego cloth gift bags and the two babies (moi et Rebecca) got baby rattles. I got a new little frog friend whom Mom has named Bob Gratton, la grenouille. He will be my new stroller friend. I have many little friends, with whom I hang out with the most, Rosie the Pink Elephant, Alastair B. Cronkite the bee, Ducky McQuackers (or Quackers for short), Inuk Chinook the Polar Bear, Lamb Chop the Lamb, Jorge Lopez the Dog, Dahlia the teddy bear, Ms. Rae the Rabbit and Buttercup the Giraffe. Mom gets a kick out of naming my little friends. I let her name them for now.

Take care and I will write more soon!