Saturday, September 11, 2010

Anybody got any Scooby snacks?

I firmly believe one of the greatest joys about being a parent is sharing something from your childhood with your child.

One such thing for me is Scooby Doo. Sounds odd, right?

Not for me. Growing up where I did, channel selection wasn't the best. We had like 6 stations of which, 3 were affiliates to each other so really three, Global, CTV and CBC. If we had great reception, we could get Fox out of Buffalo and maybe PBS however, they were still snowy.

Vintage cartoons and 60s era programs like Star Trek and the Munsters where summertime fares on one of the CBC affililate stations. Scooby Doo was one such 'vintage cartoon'. I could watch those for hours even if I'd seen the episode before.

T was first introduced to Scooby Doo at the doctor's office of all places. R needed to get his shots and the nurse always brings in kid themed bandaids. This time it was Scooby Doo.

Last weekend, T and I spent the better part of the weekend watching reruns of the original Scooby Doo series. It is only now I truly grasp how campy those shows are and how much each episode follows a set pattern of events. Each villian, upon being revealed, says "If it weren't for the meddling kids I would have gotten away with it..."

Even the new series uses the same line is used...somethings I guess do stand the test of time.

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