Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fool me twice, shame on you!

We all know that old adage: Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice shame on you.

Well, I tried to fool T a second time and it didn't work.

Anyone who knows T, know she has a stuffed friend knows Bart. Bart has been through countless washes and dryer sessions, has been knawed on since T started teething and has had to have his ears replaced.

The poor thing has been dragged everywhere in the house, on every adventure T has ever embarked on and is the first thing she thinks about whenever she returns home, gets in trouble or goes to bed. He gets a loving little kiss goodbye before we leave the house and a Oh Bart I missed you when we get home. And is her baby that she feeds whenever R gets a bottle with Mommy.

We happened upon a duplicate Bart ages ago. We kept the new Bart in the event that something very bad happened to the current Bart.

We used the second Bart during our trip back home last January and T didn't bat an eye. Recently S has been after me to trade up the new Bart for the old Bart. So I tried switching them when T went to the gym with S.

No dice.

She noticed right away that it was a different Bart. The new Bart was bigger and well, nicer looking than Crackhead Bart. That's what I call her old one because he does look a might worse for wear. I tried telling her Bart had had a bath and that's why he looks better. Nope, no go.

She was elated to have two Barts. She just couldn't give up the old Bart so the new Bart went back on a a St. Moritz. He's going to send T a postcard.

He may yet come back for a visit but we will have to see. For now, he's sleeping in my dresser.
Eight months ago, she didn't notice, now she does. Fool her once, shame on T, fool her twice shame on Mommy!

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