Wednesday, September 19, 2007

March of the Teeth...

Mom sends her apologies for not posting sooner but she's been busy with guests past and future and of course, yours truly. I haven't got any teeth yet but I am drooling up a storm (maybe a tropical depression is more like it) and I have nice rosy cheeks. I am also knawing on anything that comes within an inch of my mouth.

I haven't fully rolled by myself but I have taken to rolling to one side when I sleep. I'm also learning to sit on my own and when I do occasionally fall over (most of the time), I land rather gracefully on my side and roll to my tummy. I LOVE to stand on my feet with Mom's help. I have also started squealling so that Mom still knows I'm alive! We are working on our tummy time but I still hate it.

Gotta run and get some beauty rest! Tomorrow is another day of adventure! Mom has updated my pictures so check 'em out! We will post another update likely next month! I think posting weekly was a bit of a stretch for Mom. Live and learn!

take care,