Monday, January 11, 2010

So that was Christmas..

Maybe its me but Christmas came way too fast and went by way too fast too. I feel like I blinked and I missed it.

For those of you sent Christmas cards, most of them will be in the mail its more so a Happy New Year card and not so much a Christmas card...Also, I haven't mailed off any packages yet, I'm awaiting the USPS to deliver one final item and then they go out too.

Talia had a busy Christmas with her parental grandparents visiting. She thoroughly enjoyed all her gifts and had several tea parties after to celebrate the day. She got tonnes of clothes, books, 'big' girl stuff like a tea set, stove, sink, pots/pans and dishes so we will be having lots of 'cooking' sessions in the weeks and months to come.

We actually got a white Christmas...unfortunately for those traveling to visit family in Kansas, it meant a few anxious moments as to whether their plane was going to actually take off and/or arrive on time.

Unfortunately, my ILs luggage was delayed but they got it the night they arrived. We have been very fortunate to most of our previous guests' luggage arrive with them, so this was a first. Something worth mentioning in light this, its always best to pack pjs and extra undies in your carry on...that is if you can afford the space that is given carry on restrictions now when you travel to the US.

Potty training has been going okay. Some days are better than others but we are slowly but surely getting there. Some days we just don't get there in time or don't want to take time away from playing to hit the potty. T is enrolled for preschool in the fall, so hopefully by then we will have our timing down right.

I will try to post some Christmas pictures when I get a to do list just gets longer and longer so posting isn't always a priority, unfortunately.