Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hi Mom, I've lost Dad!

So yes, normally this blog is about the kids and our adventures but this one is just too funny. I think even my dad would agree.

Whenever we have guests visit from out of town, they always have stores they like to visit. For my family, its Lowes, Best Buy and anything involving card making or scrapbooking supplies.

We often joke about the time I let Mom go to Hobby Lobby by herself, equipped with S's cell phone. I tried calling her 6 times from the parking lot as I didn't want to have to get T (who was a young toddler at the time) out of the car and trapse halfway across the store to find Mom. T and I had been runnind errands. The cell phone rang and rang in her purse but she didn't answer it.

On ring #7, she finally realized what the noise coming from her purse was and family aren't your typical cell phone users.

Now back to our story...

My dad is a man of simple needs. But take him to a large home improvement store and he's in heaven. And may I just say, my house looks all the better after he visits.

This past visit, my parents were down for a longer than usual visit. Dad needed a project and I have a to do list. That meant a trip to the . This time however, I had to go order flooring at a nearby store so I dropped Dad off at Lowes and ran my errands.

I told him to wait over there. By over 'there' I meant the BBQ display. He thought it meant by the swingset display, that was just to the left of the BBQ display.

You can see where this is headed.

Dad told me not to rush, he could stay busy poking around home improvement store. Heavens, who couldn't?

I ran my errands and returned to Lowes. I looked to see if he was waiting by the BBQ display. Nope, no Dad. I went inside to check and see if I could find him.

Countless minutes of searching later, I tried having him paged...three different times. One associate asked what he looked like. I gave her his description. She looked at me and I said, "Yes, I know, I've just descibed the average male customer! I've lost him in the male version of a scrapbook store!"

Meanwhile, Dad was outside, in 90+F heat with his purchases, in a shady spot by the playground display.

He was having his own adventure.

When I tell folks stories of my adventures in Bible Belt, no one believes me until they experience it first hand. Dad finally believes me.

While I was frantically looking for Dad inside the home improvement store, Dad was outside being helped by two ladies who offered to help him pray that I would find him.

Dad politely declined their offer but accepted when they offered to pray for him while they went about their day. About 15 minutes later, I found him.

Divine intervention? You be the judge.

This isn't the first time Dad and I have had a bad time at this particular store. During Dad's inaugural trip to this home improvement store, a guy side swiped my old Suzuki with us sitting inside it. I think from now on, we will go to the home improvement store near us.

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