Saturday, September 11, 2010

She's gone! She's gone!

As followers of our lives know, I'm a planner. I planned R's arrival to down to the last detail. We had everyone booked to arrive at precise times to help post delivery.

And as now we know, all my planning went out the window.

As we had gotten closer to R's planned arrival (starting in April as he was supposed to arrive in June, not May), we had been talking and reminding T that when R would arrive, so would Nana K. She knew that Nana K meant they could go to the park, play in the back yard etc. etc.

Ah yes, best laid plans...

When S's mom (Nana K) did arrive the week R was supposed to be born, he was already 4 weeks old. Mommy had been rather occupied with the little creature who ate/slept and pooped of recent so T felt a little neglected to say the least. There wasn't too many trips to the park for T before Nana K came.

So when Nana K arrived, the angels sang and T was beyond happy. Well, her world would soon crash again one evening, the night after Nana K's arrival.

T has grown tall enough to peek out her window. She has full view of comings and goings of the neighbourhood. And full view of Nana K going for her nightly walk.

Oh dear, in hindsight I should have known seen this coming.

Nana K had just put T down for the night and had decided to take her nightly stroll. Sounds innocent enough, right?

Shortly after she left, the house erupted in wailing coming from T's room. By wailing, I mean uncontrollable screams.

Right before the screaming started, S had retreated to the basement to pay bills. R was napping in the playpen. I had just settled into some TV time. It was downright peaceful.

Then the screaming started. I thought T had fallen out of bed again and hit her head. I ran to check on her.

I opened the door to see T screaming, tears streaming down her faces, wailing "Nana's gone! Nana's gone!".

My scrambled post partum brain struggled to understand what she was saying. I tried to clarify what she was saying. T pointed to the window and said "She's gone!"

I pieced things together and realized she had seen Nana K going for her walk. T thought that Nana was leaving and her playmate was gone.

It took a good few minutes to calm down T. Finally she came to understand that Nana K had only gone for a walk and that she would be back. I had to convince T to settle down. She only did after I promised Nana K would come in and give her a kiss goodnight when she got back.

Nana K had to use the patio door and go out through the backyard when she took her nightly walks after that.

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