Thursday, November 17, 2011

Out takes from the Christmas card photo session!

Random moment of cuteness while I checked my setup....if he had a moustache, he would like just like Uncle Lenny!

The ubiquitous Bart, he has to weasel his way into every photo...

No joke, Mom it was this big!

Oh, Mumma, I'm so over this!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas Card Preview

Thought you might like an early preview of this year's Christmas card! Considering I threw it together in 20 minutes, not bad if I do say myself. I got T's dress at Goodwill for $2 (yes that is a 2) and Ronan still fit his good outfit from the summer. Presto a Christmas card picture!

I've discovered some fun photo editing techniques so I'm starting to integrate them into my photos. Enjoy!

Mothers lock up your daughters!


My little princess!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I felt the earth move under my feet....


About five minutes ago, we had what I think was an aftershock from the 3 minor earthquakes that occurred near OK City this morning. There was a bit of rumbling. S was in the basement and I doubt he even felt anything. I know I felt something sitting at the kitchen table.

It started slowly, I thought it was just the wind, then it got a little more vibrating, the cupboard doors rocked a bit but not strong enough to knock anything down. I had just finished up putting up Round 1 of the Christmas decorations and none of them fell from their precarious perches so it wasn't too bad.

I know I'm not crazy because I checked out Facebook immediately (because isn't that what we all do in a crisis?) and a few friends (who like me are spending an evening in front of the PC and the Tube) commented about feeling the tremors.

Oh well, I can cross experiencing an earthquake off my bucket list if I had one!