Friday, August 17, 2007

Houston, I've found my feet!

I repeat, Houston, I have found my feet! C'est incroyable! Formidable et touts les stuff comme ca! I have officially found my feet and I can rock from side to side. The next step is to roll over (hopefully). I am also a very good little helper when it comes to having my diaper changed. I grab my toes and get my posterior vertical; Mom finds it rather helpful so she can attend to other more urgent and odourous issues, shall we say.

Mom will post pictures of me and my new found skill soon. I have also improved my grasping skils. I can grab Mom's shirt, hair, cheeks and glasses. I also have perfected pulling down my clothes that Mom has hanging over my change table. Now if I can just understand what she means by "Ta Ta, Talia, no grabbing, please." Some words I don't get but the sound of a bottle being prepared is music to my ears. Mom says I have selective hearing like my Dad.

I got to talk with Mom's Nan (that would be my Gran Nan). I talked up a storm and told her all about the house, my exploits and of course my progress in gaining skills. I think she was rather thrilled to get the call. I hope I made her day a little brighter with my girlish giggles.

Just a heads up, I am thinking of allowing the Fuzzies (Gryffin and Phenix, the resident felines) to add an entry here and there. I feel its important for journalistic integrity that I provide a well rounded and not a solely human perspective about "Home on the Range" since I arrived.

For now I bide y'all Adieu!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Rolling, rolling, rolling..

Well, while I have not successfully rolled over by myself, I am the queen of scootching around my bed. I have also been improving my fine motor skills by grasping and grabbing at everything that comes into my view; Mom's glasses, my toys, my dresses etc. Its really handy since Mom hangs up my clothes right above where I get changed. I keep my hands busy by grabbing everything in sight. Next, I plan to pull the hooks off the hangers..he he.

My greatest accomplishment is laughing. Mom can get me laughing on cue! She says its quite priceless! If only I could understand what that means. Oh well, I will in another month or so I am sure!

Mom took me out for lunch today with the ladies and did I attract attention. I played shy, but several granny types stopped to admire me. They said I will be a looker when I'm older. I kept busy by checking out the place. Mom says I'm a Nosy Parker, somehow I don't think that's my name.

l8r gator,