Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A cow says moo and other musings from Talia-land

Talia is starting to learn how to say words. She has recently become quite the bookworm. She enjoys nothing more than having the same book read over and over and over again.

Talia has also begun learning that animals make sounds. Cows say MOO! and roosters say Cockdoddledoo (although for Talia its more "dooooo")

See the video evidence (sorry its a little dark)

Over the last few months, Talia has also developed a few loveys and quite the contingent in her crib. She sleeps curled up at one end while her menagery sleeps at the other end.

I just had to add this video too, she's just too funny for words. I have to say, yes, she's cute kid but when she first gets up, its the best!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Phenix and Talia - Reluctant friends

Phenix and Talia have always been "reluctant friends". Phenix is tolerable of Talia because she knows that she can get exclusive access to Mommy (me) because our other cat Gryffin doesn't like being near Talia (she moves too fast, isn't gentle and well, he's just plain jealous of her). This has allowed Phenix lots of Mommy time since Talia was born.

But as always there's a hitch in the plan. Talia is now very mobile and wants to be closer friends which impinges on Phenix's personal space. We've tried teaching Talia not to pull hair and whiskers but those lessons have fallen on deaf ears. While Talia can be very gentle at times, those times are fleeting and the hair pulling and face poking is the main method that Talia shows her love for Phenix.

In all fairness to Phenix, she does very well not to swat at Talia or injure her which I think I'd having a hard time blaming her for given some of the "love taps" Talia has a habit of doling out. Phenix has taken a couple of bats at Talia from the saftey of her perch on the living room couch. She also gives Talia those looks that you just know would do harm if they could. You know the ones I mean, something like "Just wait until I get you alone..." as she sharpens her claws.

Hehe, I have the POWER!

Where do I start?

I'm just too cute! Check out my pearly whites!

So, how do you feel about nuclear disarmament?

My version of double fisting it!

Tada, now will you lose the camera?

What a difference a few months make!

Talia conquered walking by her first birthday and was fully walking by May. She still crawls a little bit but only if it the situation calls for crawling. She has recently learned to walk really fast (not quite a run but it is truly priceless to watch) and has mastered walking backwards.

She is nearly 20lbs and she is still fitting close to her age in terms of clothes. For now, she is a small kid so we can get lots of wear out of clothes, which is kinda nice, especially for the pocket book.

She can now say several words, I've actually lost track. Dog, ball, mom, daddy and nana are the big ones. We will be out for a walk and she will point to a bird and say "Bird". Its not super clear but its definitely the word bird. She also at times mimics what you say verbatim and very clearly but if you ask her to repeat it, she can't. I think she utter Damn it the other day so I guess Mommy is going to have to watch her potty mouth.

We recently had a big bout with gastroenteritis (severe vomiting/diarrhea). Talia started to get sick at night and that it moved lower down. Within a day or so, I was encompassed in the throws of it and then Sandor got it. I have seriously never felt so sick in my life. I lost count as to how many loads of laundry I did during that time but it was well over 15. To top it off, just before I came down with the illness, Phenix urinated all over our duvet and cover and Gryffin (not to be out done) pooped on my 600 TC sateen sheets. That particular Thursday will go down as one of the worst days I've ever had.

Talia's hair is slowly coming in. I have a suspicion she didn't inherit my thick head of hair but got her dad's. Oh well, she's got my eye lashes so she can use those to get her way. She's already mastered the pout. When her Dad is around, she looks to him for an "appeal" of sorts but he hasn't broken...yet.

She has become quite the reader or should I say, quite the girl who likes to flip the pages while someone tries to read her the story. She has become quite interested in animals. I wish I could get her version of a rooster's crow - Its truly a site. She just loves to flip the board book pages and point with her Peter Pointer finger to the animals. Sandor and her were going thru one of her current favourites (Little Horse's Busy Day) and she could tell you what the cows say, what the sheep says and what the rooster says. I think that's pretty good for a 15 month old. Its all memorization as we have read that book countless times but hey, I'll take what I can get.

She has most of her teeth except for her eye (canines) teeth which are starting to move around again. Unfortunately, this latest round of growth started during her recent bout of illness. Poor kid, thank god there is Infant Tylenol.

Gotta run, her highness is up. I will try to make the distant between posts shorted from now on but Talia has discovered the computer and doesn't like it one bit that Mommy is distracted by it.

take care,