Friday, September 25, 2009

My mommy jeans went on Paris!

As many of you know S and I went to Paris a couple of weeks ago while T stayed with her paternal grandparents.

Here's a link to our pictures and our adventure. When I get a minute, I will put up some pictures of T's vacations with the ILs. Please excuse the lack of accents on the French words, my blog editor doesn't allow for me to insert 'symbols'.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Say hello to my little friend...

It was gorgeous outside today...although it started off a wee bit colder than we are used to for a September in Kansas. It was about 9C (low 50sF) which truth be told is a little chilly. Regardless, it warmed up quickly and was partly cloudy. An otherwise perfect day to head outside to the zoo.

Some of our normal gang could not make it out on short notice due to prearranged appointments but some of us did.

T and R had quite the time. R's brother D was into the first part of the morning but was quickly getting tired after lunch so he opted to ride in the stroller. D is recovering from heart surgery and is doing amazing given its only 2 weeks post op.

T decided she didn't want to ride into the stroller so half way through the day, T and R tried holding hands. That was a very interesting event. The two of them were now buddies. The giggling and running that commenced was truly priceless. They are about 6 months apart in age and finally they are starting to catchup to one another.

R's mom and I were joking the other day that with T's chatterbox mouth and R's brawn (she's a little stockier than T and used to rough housing with her two older siblings) they would be quite a team.

T kept calling the tigers lions so we had to make sure we saw both. The little lion cub (okay big lion cub) seemed to be really interested in all the little creatures staring at him/her from the other side of the glass. I'm not sure if the keepers fed the lions today...

At one point the cub took a keen interest in one little girl, wearing a white t-shirt, jeans and pink boots (boots not shoes, as she keep telling everyone who would listen). I guess the cub could tell she is a cat person!