Monday, June 1, 2009

Bubbles in the back garden

S got back from the UK on Friday. Although suffering from jet lag, he had a great trip.

On Saturday, I left T and S at home and escaped to Botanica for some much needed Mommy time.

After dinner Saturday evening, we had a pleasant evening in our back garden. S and T practiced blowing bubbles. T 'helped' to water the plants and learned to finger paint dirt all over her nice white shirt. I can hear you asking from here - Why would I put a white shirt on my kid? Because I didn't. S did as T was playing with her watering cans earlier in the day and got soaked. Oh well, she had fun.

I got my new camera late last week. I was testing out the new feature, a pin hole camera view (see the 'portrait'-esque shots below.) T was watching the spinkler. She sat there so quietly.

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