Monday, June 15, 2009

That's mine is mine, not yours!

So I put T down for a nap today. This is a normal afternoon occurence in our home. Shortly before T went down, Gryffin came in for his requisite pre nap cuddle as T and I rocked a little as we talked about our morning.

These days, while Gryffin is welcome to visit at nap/bedtime, he is told very quickly what he is not to touch and how long he can stay. T has even closed the door right in his face...slammed the door might be more appropriate description if he tries to enter without explicit permission.

If Gryffin so much as sniffs T's crib or her books, he is informed that he has broken a very big rule, DO NOT TOUCH T's STUFF or suffer the consequences. She has developed quite an authoritarian streak of late.

I seem to remember a friend's daughter going through a similar phase when their cat would go near her things. I guess toddlers figure that if adults can tell those smaller than them (read: toddlers) what to do then the toddlers can lord over all other creatures smaller than them (read: the house felines).

Its not unheard of for Gryffin or Phenix (but mostly Gryffin) to saunter into T's room after she has gone to bed. Both cats have a tendency to do sweeps of the house to make sure all is well. I like to think they are making sure everyone is comfortable however, I think its moreso see what bed might be most to their liking to nap on.

Gryffin's unsolicited visits bother T to no end. T has even asked me to close the door after Gryffin leaves but before she gets into her crib so he can't come in and disturb her. She's very opinionated about how things should be done these days...geez, where did she ever inherit that from? Oh dear.

Back to today....after I put T down for a nap today, I went downstairs to pack away some of T's clothes that no longer fit. This is what I heard come over the monitor....

T: Gryffin, no. No, Gryffin! OUT (Grabbled T speak). Mummy? Mummy? Gryffin out. Moooommmmyyyyy?! MOMMY! OUT! MOMMY?! Door open. DOOR OPEN!!!! MOOOOOOOMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY!!!!

Upon hearing the first little bit of the very one sided conversation, I paused what I was doing and waited a bit. I waited partly to see if I would hear any yowling coming from her room (a sign that Gryffin had not yet left) and to compose myself as I couldn't help but burst out laughing.

Now, I hear you say, just shut her door. T doesn't like her door completely shut and if we do shut it, she screams bloodly murder. Plus, the door has a tendency to squeak more if its fully shut. We usually kept it just ever so slight closed but Gryffin, being a stubborn creature that he is, head butts it open. Cats don't understand the concept of a closed door, they are far too curious for that.

I snuck upstairs and quietly shut the door. After today, I am left to wonder what T will do if she ever finds Gryffin snuggled up with her in bed. I can only hope that she does what we do, when we find our loveable furballs curled up next to us - wrap her arms around them and give them a hug, as they gently purr us back to sleep.

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