Saturday, June 6, 2009

We're leaving in a jet car...

One of T's latest favourite sayings is, "Ready....set....go!".

Whenever we get into my car to go run errands, grocery shop etc., and before we leave the garage, she hollers from the back seat, "Mommy? Mommy!? MOMMMY!"

When I finally look back, and say "Yes, dear?" She starts grinning widely at me and says, "Ready?" I echo "Ready" (perhaps I should start adding, "Check and Double Check, Captain" to ensure she knows the car is the correct gear and the garage door has been raised).

Then its "Set?" I echo "Set" from the drivers seat (I should add "The engines are engaged, Captain").

Then the final command is radioed to the front seat (shouted is more accurate), "GO!" I echo "Go" and evacuate the garage, making sure not to knock the side mirror off in our 'takeoff'.

Then we bid a farewell to the house and we are off in our 'jet car'.

When S was away in the UK a week ago, T would add, "Bye Daddy's car...Daddy work"...not much gets past her, does it?

She now stands in the doorway to the garage and advises me which car is Mommy's and which one is Daddy's. I also get a Brooomm Brooommm, complete with a gear shifting hand gesture (although both cars are automatics).

Whenever we pass the fire station down the street, she hollers, "Ngine! Ngine, Mommy!" And of course adds the obligatory 'whoo whoo' that the fire engine makes! My little tom boy.

T is standing in the living room as I type this, wearing her 'hat'. Her hat is my Nan's retro orange and tan tea cozy while she watchs Calliou. Its going to be 90 (about 30/33 C) outside today, her head is going to get rather hot.

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