Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My little Danica Patrick

So we were on our way to get T's hair cut last week...when we past a yard sale.

I wouldn't be my mother's daughter if I didn't stop and see if there were any deals. There might be some treasure awaiting me, you just never know, right?

So T and I stopped in; T in her stroller and me pushing her in said stroller. I had planned on her wanting to walk, you know tired her out..well she wanted to ride in the foreshadowing of our napless days ahead..why make life easy on Mommy.

Back to my story. On our way towards the yard sale, I had spied what looked to be one of those plastic cars that kids push with their feet a la the Flintstones. It became very apparent that so did T.

I struck up a conversation with the lady running the sale while T made a big time b-line for the car. I was considering buying it until I saw that the wheel was in need of fixing. One of the original plastic tires had been lost/destroyed and replaced with a smaller plastic tire that had also blown out. It was filthy and had been well loved by many a child.

Seeing T's keen interest in her test drive, the lady selling it said that we could have the car for free because T wasn't going to get out of it willing. I asked her if we could leave it until we were on our way home from the goal of our trip, a hair cut. Of course she said she would put it in the garage so no else got it before we got back.

Off we went to the Super Cuts to complete our original mission.

On our way home, T could barely contain herself when we got near the yard sale. She practically jumped out of the stroller and headed to the garage to claim her car.

We thanked the lady, bought a few books and a plastic transport truck toy that caught T's eye too (its purple!) and headed home. I had to pushed the stroller filled with our other yard sale finds and pull T in the car. She propped up her feet by the steering wheel so as not to scuff her shoes. And I wonder why my back hurts?

So we gave the car a bath (it desperately needed one) and then we pulled it to the backyard to its current home under the Eastern Red Bud tree in the corner. T played with it for about an hour before I dragged her into the house to eat lunch and have a nap. When she got up from her nap, the first word out of her mouth wasn't hello, good afternoon, mommy or what's it like it was CAR! She bolted from my arms before she hit the ground when I lifted her from her bed. She headed straight to the patio door to say "CAR!". So we went out to play with it more.

The playing continued on Saturday when I had to pull rank and demand that T come in for dinner but she didn't want to leave her beloved car who had received a hug and kiss before going to bed Friday night. Apparently, Mommy scored big with her yard sale find. But I digress.

So I pulled rank Saturday evening after an afternoon of no napping and more flower shopping/trip to Lowe's/gardening by telling T 'Mommy would make her an inside car.' Inside? This peaked her interest.

I had order something from Pamper Chef and they sent me a box that was about ten times too big for the item so I have an extra big box and a very auto oriented toddler. What was a mommy to do? Grab a bread knife and make a car.

So the car has a plastic plate for a steering wheel, a paper towel steering column, a rear spoiler, two doors and newly created running boards (the box got ripped when T was playing with it.) It had an egg carton for buttons but it didn't survive the first night of playing.

While I haven't scored a ride in either of T's new wheels, the gang (Bart, Dahlia and the horde of stuffed friends T sleeps with) have. Below are photos of our fun.

I hear you asking 'Where is S in all of this?' Well, S is in the UK for work for 12 days so T and I have been bacheloretting it. Its been a very long 10 days, we have 1.5 days to go (whose counting?). Very long. Very very very long.

Enjoy the photos and video.

Whenever I ask for a smile, I get this. Her hair's a little short but there are parts still growing in.

Inspecting Mommy's handy work...she so gets this from her father.

Taking the indoor car for a spin.

T's Classic Cozy Coupe!

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