Wednesday, June 24, 2009

All better, mommy! Boo boo gone!

Ah yes, the simplicity of a toddler's world. You sit on the potty, you get a sticker. You ask nicely for Caillou, Mommy turns it on for you. You get an boo boo, Mommy kisses it better.

In an adult's world, there is death, war, disease, happiness, joy and just plain life. There are days I wish I could turn on the news and see nothing but Double Bubble gum jokes, random acts of kindness and sappy stories.

But sadly, this is just not the case. We don't live in a world where kisses make every boo boo go away...unless you live with T.

Today, as we were negotiating nap time with T, I wanted to read just one book. Ha, ya right I should have known better. That one book turned into about five.

Alright fine, I said, I will read five books but all I ask is that I get to sit in my rocking chair as my back was a little sore. It was a little tender as I had to carry T through the various parking lots of our morning shopping trip. Apparently, the asphalt was too hot for her sandal footed feet.

No, Mommy was to sit on the floor. I tried my best whine and told T that Mommy's back hurt and she needed to sit in the chair.

Nope, floor - T pointed to the floor as if to add authority to her order.

But Mommy's back hurts!? I retorted.

T looked at me very determinedly and started to maneuver her way through the narrow passage way between her crib and the rocker. I thought for sure she was going to hide behind the chair to further draw out our pre-nap story time. But no, that wasn't what she had in mind.

About half way past the entry between the chair and crib, T paused. She reached over the rocker arm, lifted the back of my t-shirt, leaned over the arm of the chair and kissed my back. 'All better Mommy,' she said.

In T's world, a simple kiss makes everything better. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so I just went and sat on the floor.

Maybe T should go give the dictators of the world a kiss and the world would be all better. Not likely but she always makes my world better. She has her moments that make my blood pressure spike but far more often her actions make me just want to smother her with kisses and hugs.

p.s. She also gave Gryffin a kiss but it really didn't make him feel better as he ran away as soon as I put him down ;) How fickle is he?!

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