Monday, March 29, 2010

I win!

Maybe its the hormones, maybe its that I'm not sleeping so well, or maybe its just she's so darn cute sometimes.

Lately, T has been learning lots of new things. New words, new ways to drive Mommy round the bend and new ways to interact with the world around her.

One such new thing is Iny Meany Miney Mo. I think she watched it on Little Bear because it was shortly after the show ended, that she came over to me with a twinkle in her eye. That twinkle can be very good or very bad. That twinkle is usually followed by her saying something that just cracks me up, even when its a bad thing.

She proceeded to make me make clenched fists and she aimed for my fist with her fist (she missed, so her fist bobbed up and down), all the time muttering something completely incoherent. Now, I knew she wasn't having a stroke (I wasn't sure at first given the non-sensical babble) so my next thought was she is trying to play Rock Paper Scissors.

Nuts, I thought (okay I thought a word was a bad word that I must stop saying within ear shot of little ears), I have NO idea how to play Rock Paper Scissors, that's S's department. So I tried to play along by making the paper gesture. Nope, I was told and the fist thumping continued.

Gotcha, it was Iny Meany Miney Mo. I repeated the words to the rhyme and T did her best to follow. She's slowly getting the rhyme but the fist tapping, not so much.

She thinks that she is supposed to hit both of my fists, not one of hers and one of mine.

Today while we were outside, she tried again unsuccessfully to grasp the fist thing. I tried to show her how to do it. When it was my fist that got hit last, I said "I win!".

T liked this idea of 'winning'.

She tried it again. She hit my fist last, therefore following the rules I know, I should have been declared the winner (she was after all hitting both my fists!).

But no, in T-land, she won. She very jubilantly squealed when the 'rhyme' she recited ended, "T won!" with a mile wide grin on her face. I hardly had the heart to tell her she was wrong because she was so proud of herself.

But being the perpetual party pooper, I did tell her she was wrong. So we tried again, she got it wrong again but jubilantly screeched, 'T won!'

I tried to get this on video but as soon as I went to get my tripod and camera (I could not hold the camera because she wanted to hit both my fists), she decided she'd had enough outside for one day and we needed to go inside. Now that she's getting to be a 'big girl', she shuns the camera. I use the term "big girl" loosely as she reverts very quickly to acting like a baby.

She has taken to trying to see the baby in Mommy's belly by head butting me in the belly button area. Then she tells me she's too big to see the baby. God help us all when the kidlet does arrive...if it can survive its sister, it withstand anything!

I'm still not convinced that she is excited about being a big sister. She muttered something to the effect that when she was a big girl, she'd be a doctor and take the baby away.

I guess we still need to work on the concept of the baby coming home to stay....

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