Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The 3rd birthday that was...

It was someone's third birthday so of course, we had to have a birthday party. And of course, we thought it would be fun to have it at a local park. And of course, the day we chose was lovely, cool and very very windy. Like 30 MPH wind, windy.

Oh well fun was had by all at the Abby Caddabby (she's from Sesame Street) themed party. We had chocolate gluten free cupcakes with vanilla butter cream was strangely quiet for a few minutes while everyone downed their cupcakes.

The birthday girl!

T will eventually understand that only one person counts when you play hide and go seek.

S desperately tried to make Abby fly...even if it was just a napkin.


Golden silence!

A new Dora book!

The Wiggles!

Dora stickers

A new little friend!

It was so windy we had to open the presents in the back of the truck!

Practicing playing with our new T-ball set!

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