Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our first zoo visit of 2010

Yesterday was the first nice day in what seems like of course we had to make our first trip to the zoo of 2010!

T got new Hello Kitty rain boots and seeing as its been raining constantly, I figured it was a good idea for her to wear them...maybe that wasn't such a good idea.

Shortly after (like 2 seconds) this picture was taken, during T's attempt to get off the bear statue, off fell the boot...into the pond behind her.

Pre boot pond baptism

Post boot pond baptism (in a much faster, less wetter posed shot)

Thankfully our fellow zoo companions, M and her three kids (D, B and 6 week old G who slept the whole trip in her carseat) saved the day. M is about 5 inches taller than me, has longer arms and isn't 6.5 months pregnant so she was able to fish out the boot.

T wasn't impressed to have to wear a wet boot but seeing as brainiac Mommy didn't bring any shoes, that's all we had if T wanted to walk (which she did).

We continued on, visiting the bears, otters, eagles and eventually the tiger exhibit. B and T had quite the time while D, B's brother tried to keep up with the little ladies who squealed and loved nothing more than to run a mile ahead of the rest of us.

B, T and D

T and B

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