Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I done know my letters!

Well, okay I know my letters. T knows M for Mommy, B for Bart, D for Daddy, N is for Nana and most importantly, the letter T is for her name. We are working on G for Gryffin and P for Phenix.

We were working on our letters and numbers today and it evolved into an exchange something like this:

T: What's this?

Me: That is an E, E for Elephant.

T: Right, very good Momma.

Me: Why thank you, I have graduated from various levels of education that have required me to master my alphabet.

Sadly, more often than not, my quips are lost on the cats and the kid.

I'm hoping once we tackle the alphabet in English, she can at least learn it in French...I will leave the Spanish version for Dora as I have absolutely no proficiency in Spanish. If hard pressed, I remember the words for bathroom and beer...not too handy for a preschooler...okay maybe the word for bathroom would be handy but not the beer.

On a side note, my two worlds, my Mommy world and my kid focused worlds are coming together. Urgh.

I get to watch very little Mommy TV that isn't PVRed these days but I do try to sit down Monday nights at 9pm CST to watch my beloved No Reservations. I get to travel the world through the glory of TV, laugh along the way and see what other folks get to eat. I swear T loves meat, more specifically pork, because I watched this show when I was pregnant with her. This next one did quite the little jig when I ate a pork sausage last night...so maybe this one will be the same.

The host, Anthony Bourdain, is a fervent lover of all things porcine and a little caustic for the sensitive types and unfortunately offends some. That being said, he has mellowed a bit since having his daughter, who is about the same age as T. Apparently he has to suffer through the same programming on Nick Jr. as I do.

I was watching last week when Bourdain travelled to Ecuador. Now, for the non foodies like me, guinea pigs (or cuy as they are called locally) are a delicacy. That is one creature that wouldn't land on my plate but to each their own.

When introducing the cuy segment, Bourdain burst into singing the Wonder Pets theme song. Oh my! For those not in the know, the Wonder Pets have 3 heroes, a duck named Ming Ming, a turtle named Tuck and a Guinea Pig named Linny.

Instantly, I was reminded of the time my father decided to share at the dinner table that we were eating a former named member of our barnyard (I grew up on a farm and on occasion we butchered a cow)...it momentarily turned me off my food but not for long.

Let's just say, I haven't been able to watch Wonder Pets lately without cringing a little...

This week, Bourdain travelled to Harbin, China. There was a scene where Bourdain and one of his local Chinese guides were discussing dumplings and their significance for the Chinese New Year celebration. Bourdain piped up that he had learned all about this tradition when Kai-Lan's (of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan fame) Grandpa (YeYe) made dumplings and one of the characters (HoHo, I think, whatever, the monkey) ate them too.

Dear God, can't I have one hour of where my non T time isn't invaded by T? I love my kid but sometimes, I just need a break or maybe a set of earplugs or a cheat sheet of whose who in the Nick Jr. world.

BTW, does anyone have any suggestions on convincing a nearly 3 yr old that despite the sun not being in bed (aka being dark outside) at 7:30pm, she needs to be in bed? All I get is "I'm done waking up!" Translation: Don't you dare try to pull a fast one on me, Mommy! The sun is still out so I don't have to go to bed until the sun does. Sheesh, I wasn't born yesterday.

I swear my next career will be union negotiations. That's gotta be easier than trying to reason with a 3 yr old who has a very strong opinion on just about everything...hmm, I think I can safely say she gets that from both sides of her family...although her father would ardently dispute that fact!

I rest my case.

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