Monday, March 9, 2009

The cat who came in from the light

Many people who know our family, know that we love our cats like our own children. When we talked about how life would be after we brought T home, we always thought it would be Gryffin, who would want to spend countless hours snuggling with T. The opposite happened and Phenix became the local den mother. Gryffin on the other hand, sulked at the window and never left our room, preferring to spend his days sleeping. He was truly the spoiled older child who wanted nothing to do with his new sibling.

In fairness to Gryffin, he did try to be 'friends' when we first brought T home from the hospital but his idea of being friendly was stepping on her while she was nursing while angling for a spot on my shoulder...6lb baby paired against a 14 lb contest, she was going to be squashed.

Of recent, we have been trying to get T into a better going to bed routine. She had a LONG period where she would scream herself to sleep. Not something we wanted for our child, so we have been trying different things with some decent success.

Our new method is that we have some quiet time with T, sitting the rocking chair with the lights out. We quietly discuss what we did that day etc. The door is left open a bit so that us parents can make a moderately quick exit after we put T down and say good night. Often, I stand outside her room but still within sight for a couple of minutes so that T can see Mommy is still there but she has time to settle in with her buddies.

Lately, there has been a shadow cast from the doorway while T and I have our little tete a tete in the dark.

That shadow is Gryffin.

Apparenty, he likes this new routine. So much so that he has started coming into T's room while we have our quiet time. So much so that he is quasi willing to sit on my lap with T and let him pet her. Gryffin likes this routine so much so that he even PURRS when T pets him! PURRS!

Not growls, not whines, PURRS!

Now this is the cat that wouldn't even come into the same room without running hell bent for election away from T not 2 months ago. He also has started hanging out in the room, you know strolling thru the room while T is playing.

Apparently, Gryffin is too embarassed to be seen with T in the light of day (you know Phenix might tease him or something), but in the darkness of naptime/bedtime, he is all too willing to come in from the light and be loved.

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