Monday, March 16, 2009

Wait..wait, don't make me nap!

We have a radio on in T's room all the time. Its generally tuned in to NPR (National Public Radio), which is kinda like CBC for my Canadian readers. There's a show that runs on the weekends called, 'Wait, wait - don't tell me'. Its a comedy/news/variety show.

It seems T has decided to take a hint (at least from the show's name anyways) because lately, when nap time or bedtime is near, T comes up with every excuse in the toddler handbook in order to prolong not taking a nap or go to bed. She hasn't reached the age when naps are obsolete as she never.sits.still.ever. and she usually is down for a good 2 hours. (cue the angels singing Hallelujah)

First, its 'I need Bart' or 'I need Dahlia' (both who are usually in her arms or crib). Then its the Wiggles she needs; forget the fact that she's watched them at least once a day so T is politely reminded that the Wiggles need to nap too. Then its her water, fair enough, have some water. Then its her milk, sorry no milk just water, back we go to the water. Oh and don't forget about her snacks. She's only had her lunch less than a half hour before so hunger really isn't an issue.

Finally, she usually gives in when I tell her that Gryffin (or Giffin as she calls him) might come in, say good night and tickle her toes with his tail. I swear some days this is the only thing that stops a meltdown.

We might make it past the bathroom without a mention of brushing her teeth, in the case of nap time. However, at night, after the teeth have been brushed, its all about the potty. This is in stark contrast to her response the rest of the day. If you ask her at any other point in the day if she wants to use the potty, it's a firm NO.

When we make it to her room, then its a fight to get her diaper changed.

First, she must test out the light switch, flick it on and off (both which are demonstrated very effectively with commentary). Next, we need something to need something to busy our little hands with, so T must grab a tube of diaper cream or Vaseline. You know Mom's just not busy enough and it might just gain T a few precious minutes.

Once the hind end has been dealt with, its story time. At this point, T must negotiate how many books she gets read before entering the dreaded crib. I usually say one book but then she starts pulling out her favourites and there's usually more than one read.

When we actually get to the point of turning off the lights, T has managed to fritter away a good 30 or so minutes. Its usually around another ten minutes before head hits pillow after T's 'hugged' Gryffin, hugged and kissed her exasperated mother and finally realized that yes, in fact she is going to have to rest her weary little head.

Why is that I can't manage to find that much time for myself on a daily basis? Apparently, I need to start taking negotiating advice from my toddler.

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