Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy 200th Birthday Charles Darwin!

Why am I sending along belated birthday greetings to Mr. Darwin, I hear you asking? Because at my house, we have some evolution related issues going on with my daughter. According to T, I am a primate - in name anyway.

You see, T's name for me is Mungi. Not Mom, not Mummy, not even Momma. Mungi. To the unbaptized ear, it sounds like Monkey.

Monkey. Hmmm, not sure how I feel about that. In the Chinese Zodiac, my birth year animal is the Rabbit, not the Monkey. I have no Monkey characteristics - period.

For the record, I do call T a monkey when she gets into things...perhaps I should start calling her a 'bissom'. 'Bissom' was a term my Nan used to use to chastise me when I was little as in "You little bissom!'

Mind you, if I did start using bissom then T might start calling me me crazy but I think I prefer Mungi.

T pronounces Daddy just fine. The same doesn't hold true for the person who carried her in-utero for nearly 10 months, went through a c-section to deliver her, has fed and bathed her since birth, looks after her during her waking hours, and stays up with the countless nights of general baby/toddler related problems like teething. No, my term of endearment is Mungi.

(By the way, my mother thinks this new name is hilarious.)

Perhaps my name change is because she loves to sing this Wiggles song that involves a monkey. Perhaps its because she has now become a huge Kung Fu Panda fan and there's a character called Monkey in it. Or perhaps its that she's trying to say so many words that they are all starting to slur together and she just needs time to straighten them all out, I can only hope.

Until recently, I did get Mommy but it was slurred in T-speak. I can only hope that her speech improves and I can start considering myself a human mommy again...I can't even climb a tree for Pete's sake.

Writer's note: According to my Googling of 'bissom', it's Scottish for brat. If memory serves, my Nan's grandmother was Scottish.

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