Wednesday, January 28, 2009

There's a new sheriff in town...

So my mommy friends and I have been trying to have regular weekly playdates so our kids can get out with other kids and play while we get some adult conversation.

The kids range in age from 5 years old to 16 months so there is a variety. There are three first born girls...this always makes for an interesting playdate. Three head strong young ladies, all who want to make sure everyone is looked after and the law of the land is maintained. A bunch of little mommies (5, 3 and 22 months) to all the other kids. Ah, what fun...not.

Now, each parent sets down different "laws" and choses how each situation is handled for their families. Some parents are laid back while others are finger waggers. I guess I am in the latter.

I know this because T gets on these tirades and starts going off with T-speak about something. When she does these little rants, her index finger starts to wag and point in my direction with a very intent stare (inherited from her mom no doubt). Now, in my defense, the finger only comes out after several times of repeated "We don't do (insert indiscretion)" and redirection. I've usually hit the wall when the finger comes out but maybe I'm being too nice to myself.

We had a playdate at our house today because the planned Winter Wednesday at the zoo was cancelled due to slick sidewalks and cold weather (it was about -10C this am). We had all the kids (5 in total) downstairs, watching 101 Dalmations and playing. It was far from quiet but it was relatively peaceful for a while....

Suddenly a dust up occurred and all 5 kids got involved. T was across the room when it hit the fan but being the local law woman in town, she hurried over to the ruccous, wagging her finger at the larger group and telling them in no uncertain terms that they were misbehaving. Now, no one really understood her exact verbal message but the body language was unmistakable. It was an eye opening experience.

I can clearly hear my own mother telling me as a child, when I acted as T had acted today, that I wouldn't have friends very long if I kept acting that way. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree as I informed T of the same thing shortly after us moms stopped laughing.

Apparently, I come from a long line of finger waggers and so does T. At least we don't have any lilac bushes nearby otherwise, I'm sure T would have broken out a switch, too.

Somewhere Gram is laughing at that possibility.

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