Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas chez nous 2008

So Christmas has come and gone for another year. Its amazing how anti climatic that particular day is, even with a young child.

Unlike last year, Talia was a lot more fascinated with her presents this year however, she did suffer from GOF (Gift Opening Fatigue). About half way thru her presents, she was like "All done". I think next year we will have a 7th inning stretch for breakfast and then continue.

Among her haul of pressies, Talia got several new outfits for now and later, a new wagon (which she is quite enthralled with), a new chair and additions to her DVD and book libraries. Of particular note, she got a new coat, an Abby Caddabby (a Sesame Street character) fake fur pink coat.

Now, she doesn't know who Abby is and Elmo has just started making a notable appearance in her memory, but I think she likes the feel of the coat. She wore it thru out the morning of Christmas over her fleece PJs and strutted thru the house modelling it the next day.

I hope she is tall and skinny because this kid has the poses of a super model down. She particularly like wearing her coat with a pink snow boots (also a Christmas present) although its really not cold enough most days to wear snow boots. She's a pink wearing machine much to her father's chagrin.

Part of the haul

Watching a new DVD with Dad

Having our morning brevie with Bart

A new toy as known as trainin potty!

Playing in the lazy susan

Hangin' in our new chair with Bart and our new jacket

T's first ride in her new wagon

Helping Daddy put the wagon together, T was a big help...ha ha.

Onward, driver...mush mush!

Did you not hear me? I said DRIVE!

I'm too cute to be a demanding passenger, right?

Dreaming of all the fun we are going tp with this puppy while Daddy struggles to get it put together!

Modeling our new towel that Mom stood in line for hours for on Black Friday....

Cool shades!

One last photo before we go for a haircut.

Aren't I too cute for words? I like to think so.

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Michelle Kostya said...

Just wait until next year...Three was more fun then two.

Owen also got a Wagon (Safari)