Thursday, January 8, 2009

Frankie the Fire Dog

We have loveys who live exclusively in the house and those that ride in the truck with us and go on our shopping adventures to the mall. The travelling loveys often make it into the house and stay there.

These items are often bought at yard sales or at the discount stuffed animal section at our favourite discount stores (Walmart and Target). This usually when the screaming starts and can not be ceased by any other method than to have something to hold. Usually, I try to find a cheap board book or hand over a grocery item that can't be broken by dropping, biting or is otherwise toddler proof but sometimes a stuffed animal makes it into the cart.

Now for all you parents out there who say "I would never do that!", I have a very purposefully edited and polite word for you: BALONEY!

One such stuffed friend who came into our lives in such a way, is Frankie the Fire Dog. Yes, Frankie is a Dalmatian puppy who is quite small (maybe 6 inches tall) but fits nicely into small arms when T is strapped into the carseat in the back seat of our truck.

Today on the way home from the gym, T recounted her 45 minutes spent at the gym daycare to Frankie. What I watched through the rear view mirror today was priceless. I had to force myself to watch the road because it was the sweetest thing T did today.

She held onto Frankie very snuggly and warmly. He was tucked under her arm and with her finger in a very maternal wagging motion, T proceeded to tell Frankie what she did and what she was not to do at the daycare. I only wish I had had my camera and we were parked. She was talking away to him and he was turned with his face looking up at her like he really was listening.

T gives Frankie a big kiss goodbye when we go in the house or the store. Frankie, like all good guard dogs, watches the truck and keeps it safe until our next adventure.

Frankie cost us something like $2.50, but he is priceless to T.

Frankie the Fire Dog

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LittleSpots said...

It sounds like T and I have something in common. A love for dalmatians. What a priceless story.