Sunday, December 21, 2008

At our house, a laundry basket is a TTV (Toy Transportation Vehicle)...

So, T is a cheap least when it comes to entertainment.

She loves all of her toys but also enjoys commandeering my laundry baskets to push her toys and little stuffed friends around the main floor of the house. She loves playing with plastic hangers she grunts for (sorry, requests me to pull down) from my closet and pinchs shoes from Mom's closet. Did I mention she loves to wear her toques around the house when she sees someone on TV wearing a hat? Or the former ice cream bucket turned T sized chair or step stool to cause Mom's blood pressure to spike when T is precariously perched somewhere she shouldn't be?

I swear why do I bother trying to buy her toys when she'd rather play with the plastic plates, bowls and cups I bought for when we have kids over for lunch at our weekly playdates? She's taken over my lazy susan where the plastic plates are kept and don't get me started on my dish towel drawers. The dish towels are pulled out and tossed on the floor, just to be put back into the drawer or place lovingly into the laundry baskets to be chauffeured around the house.

T has also taken a liking to the wrapping paper tubes (the wrapping paper was used to wrap Christmas gifts). She uncurls them and wings them around the house like light sabers. Even Phenix got into the fun on Friday night by batting at the unfurled roll, which made T laugh because Phenix was playing with her. T laughed so hard I thought she was going to fall off the couch.

Today, upon returning from a brief trip to the grocery store, T stole the canned goods I had just bought. She then proceeded to carry them around the house and stack them on the fireplace surround. Give the kid a pot and a spoon and she's occupied for hours.

What's that Mastercard commerical, something to the effect - 3 hours searching for the perfect toy, $20 to buy the toy and the hours spent playing in the box the toy came in...priceless.

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