Saturday, August 6, 2011

My little monkey man

In the last few weeks, R has really lost a lot of his babiness. I swear I put him down for a nap and he wakes up more a little boy than a baby. He is also becoming much less my placid timid little baby and more T 2.0 (or as I like to say, R2T2).

Oh well, he has a very chatty role model and he not only looks like T, he is also starting to act like her too. Lord have mercy.

He loves books, trucks, sheep and his sister. Book is in fact that is his word for just about everything. He can say Mumma, kinda of but there are few other words that come out clear as day sometimes but not others. He can say Yeah when asked a question, I swear I've heard Ta when he hands something to me or vice versa. However, book is the one really clear word.

I've read him similar books to those I read to T at the same age and he seems to have the same literary taste as T. He has a book, "Who says baa?" about a lamb who has lost his baa. He loves this book (score one for the Dollar section at Target where I got the book) so we picked him up a car buddy (from the zoo gift store while we were picking up T from zoo camp). Its a small fluffy lamb named what else? Baa. He even got to visit sheep at the zoo (while waiting for T to finish her zoo camp) on Friday but R started crying, the sheep were just too loud.

He has also developed a great love of bananas and toast. Two food items T hated as a toddler. He is not too into meat, something T loved at this age. He has tried to feed himself with a spoon a few times (I hold the spoon and he pulls it to his mouth and won't let go).

R has learned to climb onto T's 'stage' (the low ledge at the base of the fireplace) however, he hasn't learned how to get off of it. He just grunts until Mumma saves the day. He crawls faster than I can walk. He has also developed an unhealthy interest in the garbage can and the toilet seat.

He does pull himself up a little and we are working on standing with assistance. One thing both my kids have in common other than great cheek bones and my nose is that they are very hesitant about walking. Some kids start walking at 8 months, my kids seem to be very timid in the mobility department. Both kids didn't roll 'on schedule' and R, at 13 months adjusted age still isn't walking yet.

He will get there, I have no doubt and I will long for the day, he could only crawl in a few months. Below are some pictures from today!

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