Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Playing photographic catch up

Here are a few shots I found on my storage drives...I really need to go through and catalog everything...when I have a minute...in 20 years time. One afternoon when the temperature was -15C (freaking cold in Fahrenheit), we asked T if she wanted to go for a walk...bad idea because she said yes! So we bundled ourselves up and walked to the local park. Let's just say, R wasn't impressed.

Yes, I know she shouldn't be swinging on a cold swing but you tell her that!

Really? Did you have to suggest a walk? Next time think before you open your mouth!


Half way through the time at the park, I gave up and decided to back home so this is an ultrazoom shot. Unfortunately for my frozen fingers, I got sidetracked taking winter shots of the pine trees.... Moving on, our big snowfall. Finally in January, we finally got a decent snow fall. There were massive snowflakes everywhere. R wasn't too into being outside but T couldn't get enough of it.

The hat looked cute in the store, maybe next year it will fit.

Look at what I built! In case you are wondering that's a snowman...

I'm going to have to get better mitts next winter....

Okay, now I'm getting cold.

Hi Mom, yes there is still green grass under the two inches of snow...


The requisite snowangel by my little angel (the other little angel was tucked in his carseat, covered in blankets).


I've been trying to get shots of clothes that T and R have worn that I particularly loved. This jacket I bought at a yard sale and despite T not having the chance to wear it much (it was either too big or too small when it was the right weather to wear it in), I still wanted a good shot of it!


These are the frames that eventually where painted green, pink and blue (and decorated with lots of flowers). The marker just wouldn't dry...



These are T's crafts from Thanksgiving and Christmas. The lamb figured prominently in her Christmas pagent. Each kid held their lamb and sang a song (don't ask me the title of the song but it was about a lamb and not Mary's)


Meet T the conquerer and her side kick Stunned like a Deer in the Headlights!

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