Thursday, March 17, 2011

Coz every girl's crazy for a sharp dressed man!

Yes, yes. I've been shirking my duty at posting but its been a busy couple of months.

As some of you know, R was hospitalized with broncholitis as a result of contracting RSV (you can google RSV for a defnition; basically its a very bad upper chest cold). The short version is that he couldn't breathe due to thick mucus in his lungs so he couldn't breathe much less eat and he became dehydrated.

The whole house got knocked on our collective behinds with that virus. R and I got it last. The staff at the hospital kept threatening to admit me as a patient too! Every day for a week, I would go extremely hoarse at precisely 5pm. I think it was mainly due to the super dry air we have had here in Kansas.

I'm sure I've got some up to date photos of T squirreled away somewhere on my hard drive but I took these today of R and they are freaking cute if I do say so myself. I just had to share.

When R was born, we discovered he had a stork bite (the big red splotch on his forehead). T had one in the same spot but it wasn't as pronounced as R's. Its been getting less noticeable as he's aged but he's recently discovered his voice so when he starts to screech, the stork bite glows bright red. Or whenever he gets upset, its like a big red stop light.

Anyways, I started collecting hats for him shortly after his birth and here are a couple of examples. The blue one is one I had for T when she was little.

I've always loved fedoras and the like on little boys. It was all I could do to keep R from eating the brown one which is way the shots aren't as clear as the page boy hat. For whatever reason, he kept that one on longer.

It was a spur of the moment fashion shoot so his shirt was the wrong colour. Not to much that he is drooling up a storm. His two front teeth STILL haven't come completely through even though he has been working on them for nearly 6 weeks!

The time change has completely knocked me out of commission this week so I better sign off as we've got a busy day ahead and March Break is next week! No school, not looking forward to that. That also means, 3 weeks to T's 4th birthday and nearly 8 until R's 1st! Where has the time gone?

Hat 7

Hat 6

Hat 5

Hat 4

Hat 3

Hat 2

Hat 1

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