Sunday, March 6, 2011

A lesson on how not to use safety scissors

Apparently its just not allowed to have a quiet night at home at our house.

Friday was a busy day. T, R and I spent the better part of the day helping my moms group get ready for a fundraising yard sale, scheduled for Saturday.

T was amazingly good. There were two other kids from her class there so the three of them played while we sorted and tagged items. By 3pm I was done. I just wanted to go to home, eat and go to bed. Fat chance that was going to happen, seeing as I was a single parent as S had a guy's night out planned.

On the way home, T and I talked about what we would do this weekend. I said we needed to get T's haircut. Of course, T immediately agreed because she'd get a lady pop afterwards. She is very rewards based that one.

After we got home, we had to run out and get dinner. Friday at our house is take out night. Since S had a poker game on the east side (about 30 minutes away), he was getting ready to leave. T asked for Mickey D's. How could I refuse after she'd been such a good kid all day? I got sushi.

S left while I was feeding R. After R was fed, he sat on the floor playing while T picked at her dinner. She had grabbed her safety scissors to open her fairy Barbie Happy Meal toy. No problem, she'd done it before and it would save a battle if I let her do it.

I was happily munching on my California roll when she walked over to the garbage. I asked her what she was throwing out. I figured it was just the wrapper to her toy.

She had that classic look of a cat who ate the canary look. "Don't look at me!" she said. History has proven that when she says that, she's done something she doesn't want me to see. That something is usually not so good.

I swiveled around long enough to see a wad (a large one) of long blond locks of hair in her hand. I knew it wasn't from a doll. She'd cut her own hair. She just couldn't wait until Sunday.

I got mad. What parent wouldn't? T agreed to never do that again. At first glance, I couldn't tell where she'd cut it but today at the hairdresser's it was pretty evident.

If there is any blessings to come out of this misshap, at least she didn't cut R's hair or cut her hair in the front, only the top and back. She only cut wherever she could hold her hair up while she held the scissors in her other hand. It could have been so much worse....I think.

From now on the craft scissors are for craft time only.

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