Sunday, January 16, 2011

The lead up to Christmas...

We spent Christmas Eve doing as we always do on Christmas Eve which is getting ready for Christmas.

This year, it was all about Santa. When is Santa coming? How does he get here? Why did Santa eat the cookies I left him because I wanted them...etc. etc. etc. Of course the Santa statue that adjorns our front porch got his Christmas kiss from T. She adores him. She helped me pick him out last year.

There are many things I thought I'd never do as a parent that I actually have done. One of those things was to bribe my child with the possibility of Santa not bringing presents if she didn't behave. But I did it and I will do it again.

I just kept telling T that if she didn't behave, I was going to use "Mommy's phone" (my smartphone) to call Santa because all Mommies have Santa's phone number. As usual, I got the shocked look.

Then of course came the questions.

One question in particular came late one evening, when she just won't go to bed. Finally, exasperated after fighting with her to stay in her room and go to bed, I told her I was calling Santa and tell him not to bring any presents because T was being naughty.

As only my child could, she hollered from her room, one last question - what colour is Santa's phone?

Red, I told her.

What did she say then? "Oh, okay Momma. Good night!" And with that she was off to sleep.

She didn't bat an eye with after having her bath Christmas Eve night, miraculously the stockings where filled but beneath the tree was still bare. She happily opened her stocking and of course, R's too because "he's too little."

The fights that will ensue when he's older and likely bigger than she is!

Christmas Eve 1

Hamming it up while Daddy worked on dinner Christmas Eve.

Christmas hat 1

Just had to get one with the hats!

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