Sunday, January 16, 2011

Breakfast with Santa!

So Christmas is over but not the deluge of Christmas pictures! This is far more fun than wrapping gifts!

When last I posted pictures, it was about the Christmas card photo challenge and pretty much whatever I hadn't posted from last fall....first up for your post holiday enjoyment, S's company family Christmas party.

Usually they only do a family party in the summer. The Christmas party is a black tie optional event that honestly, I just don't have time for with two small kids. And well, its too depressing trying to find a dress.

This year they opted to do both. Here are some pictures from Breakfast with Santa. It was held at the same place they have the adult party but during the day. There were photos with Santa, crafts and food!

And I almost forgot, there were presents! Each employee was asked to submit the ages of their kids attending so every child got a gift. Unfortunately for us, both our kids got the same toy...oh well, they can't fight over it when they are older!

Sorry, this is a picture of a picture so the quality isn't great. Talia is holding tight to her present, she couldn't wait to open hers...and R's.


Doing a craft!

Ronan during the crafts

This is how R spent most of the morning, apparently he had had a rough night!

Santa with J and T

This is T and her friend J. There were lots of decorations around the craft area.

Poser with Teddy

Not the best shot but still cute!


The man of the hour!

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