Friday, January 28, 2011

January's almost over, here's a photo update!

I had a few minutes before her royal highness got up so I thought I'd share...TGIF!
If Bart looks a little happier these days its because Granny Squirrel restuffed him over the holidays. She also did some minor cosmetic work. T handled the whole experience very well. She hovered about as Granny did Bart's surgery.
Granny made sure that Bart was stuffed just enough. T got to decide how stuffed Bart needed to be. At one point, T decided that Bart was too fat and not huggable enough so out came some stuffing.
When the surgery was done, I swear that mutt was grinning ear to ear. He has been so loved over the past few years, he deserved a little nip and tuck!









There is a story behind these picture frames. I had bought them ages ago with the purpose of using them in the kids' rooms. That didn't happen. I tried getting T to 'paint' them with Crayola painting markers but the masterpieces wouldn't dry (we tried for 3 days straight!). I tried lacquering them. Not so good. Finally I got some craft paint that matched T's room. I spied these fun glittery stickers at a local craft store. T loved them.

The green frame picture is blurry but the reason I have included it is because T used a pattern (which she was very quick to tell me about, "Look Momma its a pattern!"). It goes pink flower, purple flower, pink flower, purple flower. Where did she learn about patterns? Team Umizoomi. Yes, there is such a thing as educational TV!





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