Saturday, September 6, 2008

T&P's new trick and an update from Toulouse

T and I have been battling the sniffles, the latest round of teething and unseasonably cold, rainy weather (thank you Gustav) for the last couple of days so we have had to find innovative ways to entertain ourselves because going outside just is not an option. We've read books, played countless games of sneaky peaky, shopped, watched TV, done laundry, napped etc.

We've also tried to involve whatever feline is willing to give us the time of day. Since S left, both cats have been rather interested in getting any kind of attention as their "routines" (read: feeding schedules) are all out of whack. They don't like having to wait until Mommy gets up to be fed. They are so hard done by. They are ruled by two things, their naps and their stomachs. Phenix more than Grffyin.

Anyone who knows Phenix, also knows that when the treat can is shaking, Phenix comes a running. She's been known to push the treat can thru our old apartment, up three stairs, down the hall and up onto our bed, just for a treat. She is nothing if not determined.

The other day, I thought I'd see what happened if I gave a cat treat to T in Phenix's presence. T shocked dear old Mom by giving it to Phenix (she put it on the floor in front of Phenix who in turn wasn't taking any chances and gobbled it up immediately). I know for a fact in the past, T has sampled the cat treats, much to Phenix's distain. Phenix just stared at me like "But, but, that was my treat!"

Given our previous success, I thought we'd try it again but this time I had my camera ready. Now the film footage isn't super bright (sorry, I had all the lights in the house turned on but it was really cloudy out and even with the drapes open, there just wasn't a lot of light) but you can see what happened.

Yes, you don't have to adjust your computer screens. That is Phenix eating treats straight from T's fingers. Phenix has got to be the world's fussiest eater when food is handed to her by a human but apparently that rule doesn't pertain to treats.

Normally, Phenix must first smell it, perhaps give it a couple of licks and then she *might* take it from your fingers. If I look out the window tonight I wonder if we will are having a blue moon.

Now, if we can just get Gryffin to come get some treats...that's a million dollar photo op!


An update from the other side of the Atlantic. S arrived in Toulouse and is settling in. Apparently, Luftansa Airlines are now high on S's airlines to travel on. They give you free booze and the meals are pretty decent! This is in high contrast to Air Canada who are now removing life preservers and all but charging you to breathe the air during the flight. He still has some jet lag but hopefully he will be okay on Monday.

S's first trip to the grocery store set international relations back a few years I think. He wanted to buy some fruit and didn't realize how they price things. He went to pay for his items and the cashier kept asking how much were the apples. S ran back to the apple cart (he was careful not to upset it, ha ha) and returned and said they were 2.50€/kilo. The cashier then repeated the question, how much are the apples?

At this point, everyone was getting a little perturbed, in particular all those behind S in line. Finally he had to take everything back and use the weight system to get the price of the fruit he wanted to buy. They have weight stations that you key in a produce code and it gives you a sticker to put on each produce bag so the cashier only has to key in the actual amount.

On top of the fruit incident, he forgot his cloth shopping bag at the hotel. In France, they don't have plastic bags so you have to have cloth ones. S made a point of taking my big cloth bag with the giant Canadian flag with the government's website on it. Ton pis, mon cher, you also forgot Murphy's law.

A la prochain.


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