Monday, September 8, 2008

Swinging single...literally!

Since we've been cooped up the last few days with the oh so pleasant weather, I promised Talia that today, come biblical floods or not, we would go outside.

Everytime we pass the local park in the car, she looks anxiously at the park and indicates as only Talia can that she wants to go to the park. She has discovered one of the true joys of youth. Swings.

These shots are from my phone's camera but you get the idea. The squealing in the video is vintage Talia.

Ah, Mom your finger is on the lens....

I'm going to spew!


Whee! (need I say more?)


Update from Toulouse:

S had his first day at work. His onsite group didn't pick he and his team up until 10am (how European!) so he had to stay late. The local group wasn't exactly prepared for them so there was a lot of finger twittling. That sounds like most people's first day at a new job site. At least they got their section set up.

There was a trip to the cafeteria, which I'm told is quite fun. Wine with lunch! We had McD's! Life's just not fair. There was also another trip to the local grocer, this time there was no bad experiences. It went much better.


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