Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My daughter, the washer woman...

This just proves my theory. There is a cleaning gene! And apparently its missed my generation but not T's. Last night during bath time, she started cleaning the bath tub and then she started washing her tummy. I thought it was just a fluky thing but she did it again tonight.

Now, I hear you saying she's just mimicking me washing the bath tub but she's never seen me washing the tub. Now, I do clean but she is usually with her dad downstairs playing xbox (okay she's watching him play xbox but she's not usually around.)

I swear its priceless, she even gets dust and cat hair (big surprise) off the edge of the tub. I don't know what caused this to start but if continues I'm thinking that I will have her start cleaning the kitty litter boxes!

T has also started to try to feed Gryffin and Phenix their kibble. They frankly could care less but she thinks its their treats so she goes running down the hall after the cats as they tear off to the bedroom to escape the toddling terror. We are also working on stacking things but we are getting more than a little frustrated.

On the Toulouse front, S dipped his toes in the Mediterranean over the weekend and found that it was cold. Go figure. They all also checked out a casino in Toulouse but the first attempt didn't succeed, they needed passports so they couldn't get in. The next attempt proved almost as disappointing; there were only slot machines, no poker tables. Poor guy, I somehow don't feel his pain.

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