Saturday, December 31, 2011

The tale of two strollers....

So one of the gifts we discovered T desperately wanted was a doll stroller. It was a only slight interest expressed until she got a doll for the preschool gift exchange 10 days before Christmas. Then it intensified.

What do you want for Christmas, T? A stroller for my dolly and Bart.

When her maternal grandparents arrived and asked what else she might like for Christmas, a stroller was at the top of her list. The local mega mart had a *pink* one for like $12. Perfect. It got bought without T even noticing it. Excellent.

Nan wrapped it and T unwrapped it Christmas morning. Fantastic, a happy kid.

All was well under the two other little eyes spied said stroller. R thought it was magnificent. He could walk around and push the stroller, until his sister screamed at him that it was hers!

R is still a little shy on his feet. Mainly because he is very very cautious and seems to be afraid of hurting himself. The stroller gives him some practice time on his feet and acts a balance aid.

He does have a push toy that does the same thing but it is big and bulky and doesn’t allow for the more precise navigation of the umbrella stroller allows. My child likes to cut the curves rather close.

So off to the only option for finding a blue stroller, With a few clicks, we had an backup Blue (R’s lovey) and a blue stroller shipped our way.

Peace has returned. R has a blue stroller and T, a pink one.


The smile says it all!


Let the stroller races begin!


A boy and his favourite ride!

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