Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dear Santa, I'm just not that into you!

So S had his Christmas party a few weeks ago. As usual they had photos with Santa set up. Its free so we generally get a picture.

Last year, it featured T with a strained smile, eagerly grasping her gift that 'Santa' had given her. Each kid in attendance gets a gift based on age.
BTW, T loves Santa. She always hello to the statuette we have on the front porch. She's also quite into Christmas movies of late. She even watch Disney's live action Scrooge, despite it being a little scary but not as bad as the b/w version.

Back to this year's Santa picture. We don't force our kids to go see Santa and we might have to rethink things next year after this year's stellar performance.

Normally, R is a very gregarious little man with a slow smile. He's not one to make majorly strange, at least as of now he doesn't. But apparently a fat guy in a red suit with a big beard changes all that.

Here's the photographic proof (sorry its a photo of a photo so not super great quality). And for the record, I love R's shirt but black is so not his colour. My little bad boy!

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