Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Update on the kidney thing.

So those who have been following R since birth will remember that he was born with a slightly enlarged left kidney. This condition is called hydronephrosis or what I like to call the kidney thing as I never pronounce the medical term correctly. He was on low dose preventative antibiotics for about six months as this condition can often lead to kidney infections.

He had scans done at 1 week old, then a month old, and last December (so he was about 7 months old). As of the December scan, the enlargement was almost completely gone. Since the enlargement was close being gone, R was taken off the antibiotics.

We had a follow up scan last week (R did not like being prodded in the slightest!). We got the all clear from our doctor this morning so we are officially kidney thing free!


He has his 12 month well child visit with the doctor on Thursday so we will see how much Mr. "I Like to Shove Food in My Mouth Unlike My Siste" does with my arch enemy the scale. He is currently sporting about 7 teeth and is struggling to understand the term "gentle"...those fine motor skills haven't quite kicked in yet.

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