Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ah dude, your name is Mud...

Most of the time, T loves R and R adores T. They giggle together, play together and despite the age difference, I think genuinely like each other. R always gets excited as soon as he hears T come into the room or when we pick her up from school etc. Mumma's fun but T, she's better. Unless, the cats are around then they out rank Mumma too. Mumma wins out when he's hungry or has a booboo.

Today, we picked T up from her day camp and everyone was all smiles. That was until we were headed out of the parking lot, driving out of the parking lot to be precise.

Out of nowhere, T started shrieking from the back seat that I had to stop IMMEDIATELY. There was an EMERGENCY with R. I. HAD. TO. GET. TO. R. POST. HAST. No explanation, just stop the car NOW!

T had made a crown today in class (it was King Solomon day I think). It had stickers on the points of the crown. T was very proud of said can see where this is going right?

Well, while I got T tied into her carseat, she was trying to help R get his frog lovey (Bob Gratton la Grenouille). R kept dropping Monsieur Bob and T, being only too willing to oblige, kept picking it up and handing it to him.

Well as T would lean over to hand R the frog, she held her crown in the other hand. That hand dangled enticingly over R's face...and yep, he grabbed the crown. And ripped off one of the crown tips and its small sticker (read: a choking hazard). Thus the emergency.

We have repeated time and again that R shouldn't have little things near him because he might put them in his mouth and choke. Choking is bad and he could die (those are her exact words).

If R gets within a mile of something he could choke on, be electrocuted by or otherwise harm himself with, T starts freaking out. By freaking out, I mean screaming at us to stop him if she can't. She runs around closing doors to rooms, picking up cat food dishes and chastizing R when he does something wrong. R has two mommies, one age 35 and one age 4.

Back to today's events.

When I got the car stopped, I went over to R's side to see what was going on. T hadn't said much more than R had something that he shouldn't and I had to get him out of his seat pronto and find whatever he had. She was crying profusely but I finally got out of what had happened.

I untied R and finally found the choking hazard/sticker, hiding under dear old Bob. R didn't quite get all the hullabaloo but he got a tongue lashing from T the remainder of the way home.

I taped up the crown and nary a word has been said since. I'm sure S will hear all about how R ruined T's crown when he gets home tonight.

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