Monday, May 23, 2011

Someone had his first birthday!

So given how slow I appear to have become at getting important event photos out, I thought I'd better get these out before I head out on our next adventure.

We had R's first birthday party on Sunday (so that was yesterday, right?). He had the usual friends over and we had cake and prezzies.

A friend's sister was kind enough to make a cake and decorate it for R. We did an Elmo party...why Elmo? 'Cause I got a deal on first birthday napkins at the dollar store and they had Elmo on them. Also, we used to have a talking Elmo we got from a garage sale when T was R's age but he has ceased to function but worked well as decor. And besides who doesn't love Elmo?

Here are a select few shots, enjoy!

Big sister wishing Little brother a happy birthday!

The Elmo Cake

The Elmo cake!

Elmo cupcakes

Aunt A wasn't sure there was going to be enough cake so she made back up cupcakes!

Getting ready

Getting ready...

Getting set

Getting set...

Making a wish

Making a wish...

Out goes the candle!

All done!

Stick my fingers in the icing

The obligatory sticking of one's finger in the icing...


Tastes like....RED!

mr serious

Not quite sure what all the hoopla is about these box things is...but Big Sister is certainly into them!

All smiles

A truck!

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