Monday, December 21, 2009

Robots, monsters and worms, oh my!

When I dreamt of what life would be like with T, I never could have imagined the conversations that we would have. Of recent, T has become even more of a chatterbox. She was already decent at trying to converse, just not as clearly as she does now. Some days I can completely understand her and then others, not so much.

People in the grocery store line are so kind, they just smile, nod and say she's talking so much for a 1.5 yr old...umm, yeah try 2.5 yr old. I guess we are behind in her high fructose corn syrup supplements to help her grow...

Lately, our conversations have often involved three topics -- robots, monsters and worms (oh my!) and not necessarily in that order.

T watched briefly part of I, Robot with S about 3 months ago. Ever since then, she has become obsessed with robots. She sees a crane, and she tells me "That's a roooobot arm!""...complete with a robotic arm gestures and noises. Our truck has a lift gate (a wonderful invention I must say) for the back hatch so it has a "roooobot arm". She's going to be an engineer I swear.

Next, here come the monsters.

Lately, out of nowhere, T will coming running to me and tell me she's scared.

Me: What are you scared of?
T: Monsters.
Me: Monsters?
T: Yeah, monsters. Me scared Mommy.
Me: And what do we say to monsters?
T: Monsters no scaring, monsters no scaring.

T does this with her hand firmly up in the air as if to say STOP! Sometimes for added effect, she puts her other hand on her hip. My little Xena, warrior-preschooler! Hopefully Dora the Explorer people won't mind us borrowing her 'Swiper, no swiping line' and modifying it for our own needs.

I've save the best for last.

Everything it seems is a worm to T. Pine cones are worms, carpet tassles from the scratching post are worms, and of course, the dead worms on the driveway are worms. However, this rampant worms everywhere problem has gotten worse.

Recently, my lovely daughter informed me that I have worms. Not just worms, no that wouldn't be bad enough....I have WOOOORMS. And I was under the foolish impression that I bathed regularly and was in good health. Hmmm.

Me: Really? Mommy has worms?
T: Yeah, woooorms. Look Mommy, wooooorms. (she says this as she points to my legs)
Me: Hmph. Do you know who gave me those worms?
T: No. Who?
Me: YOU! (that just opens her eyes really wide and she shuts up really fast...ahh yes the guilt trips have started already and they are quite effective!)

God love her, a biologist she ain't. Apparently my daughter thinks my varicose veins are worms. Charming. I can't wait for that pleasant little nugget to come up in the grocery store line conversations T strikes up with anyone who will listen. My mommy has woooorms! I don't look forward explaining that one to a 80 yr old man. Can you say, awkward?

Now that you've all had a good chuckle at my expense, may I wish you all a wonderful Christmas 2009 and a safe/healthy 2010.

To all of you who have been kind enough to send us a Christmas card, thank you - they are all lovely. I'm a bit behind this year, so yours will be coming in 2010 once I find a decent enough photo to use. And if Walgreens stops selling them, I'll just have do a mass email.

An email is more environmentally friendly...I won't want to harm any woooorms after all!

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