Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pictures from March and April '09

A few photos from the last couple of months...

I just want to get outside, forget the camera for once!

We tried going in the sled, but our little Kansan couldn't handle the blowing snow so she hide on the porch...shameful.

Mom is hoping the purple leggings last another season, something tells her they will as they are on their smallest size but still 2 inches too long! Ah, note to Mommy, I need some socks...

Daddy tried to convince T to come out and play in the snow but she wasn't was the porch or the garage, truly shameful for a Canuck.

Daddy gets T dressed while Mommy documents..T must be prepared for the 'Blizzard of '09!

This is from this morning, T munches on her second half of her breakfast, she appears to have a wooden leg to fill up with food these days!

You like my yard sale tutu?

Checking out the prairie dogs at the zoo with the always handy snack cup.

A quiet moment watching Calliou, our latest TV sensation!

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